Block Battlefield Termination C10.1 Free Cheat for Android

Block Battlefield Termination v.C10.1 Free Cheat for Android

Block Gun Battlefield Termination
Eradicate the enemy in this post apocalyptic FPS environment

Block Gun Battlefield Termination is designed for an explosive mobile gaming experience. This vast pixilated world is loaded with amazing challenges, epic enemies, deadly landscapes and much needed pickups.

Discover a world full of diverse challenges…

In a post apocalyptic setting, the world is newly emerged and governed by elite computer programs that dictate the survival of the human race. In an experimental community, a dying man is recruited for a military program that develops extrasensory perceptive command armies and mass units of destruction. Entering this strange world and knowing it could be the last thing you see before the malignancy claims your body, you are wary of your role in this bleak and foreign stretch of nearly deserted land. Nary encountering a single person upon arrival, you sign away your life– worth so little anymore– and begin work in assembling a myriad of strange and unusual pieces of equipment salvaged from what was left over from before Armageddon claimed the Earth, laying waste to the nations. Your work is soothing, and as your life nears its end, you take pride in the strange cast of inventions you have birthed. In the meantime, the lonely landscape yields a small handful of consorts that bring another aspect of peace to your final days. You learn that these fellow few are also condemned by diseases that ravage their bodies. As this fact bonds you, it is a sad day when the first of your group is hauled away, a stark white cloth outlining the immobile form of the corpse beneath it. Sadly you go about your business, thoughts of your own eventual ending clouding your thoughts. The very next morning as you are collecting the parts for a model, you spy a familiar face– although not totally the same in body– being escorted surreptitiously and flanked by two strange beings you've not seem before. Wending your way through the rubbish of the trash heaps, you make your way to the strangers, and see amazingly, the living breathing form of your newly deceased friend. But now those eyes that once shone brightly at you, are now turned with deadly intent. Before your friend executes a deadly strike against your person, the men accompanying him expertly take action and a pile of broken motors take the brunt of the attack. In fear you flee, but as you stumble through the fragmented farmlands of this dump and enter a new and strikingly austere barren and dissolute city, an army of the same creatures are in pursuit.

Among the dissolute ruins of an abandoned city lies a terrible secret…

The race of genetically modified people has been born and you are part of the grand scheme to breed the latest, greatest army from the remains of the dead. All of this work you've been doing has not been for the weapons you once thought, as these weapons are you and the select few who have been chosen as the test subjects of these trial runs. Wanting no part of what you have just witnessed, you must find a way to avoid this terrible reincarnation of your body. As you hide out and seek escape as you fight the clock to rest in peace, undisturbed, you are forced to reckon with the likes of the newly revived who are armed and trained soldiers of mass destruction.

Collect whatever you can to aid you in your mission of survival against an army of monster robot/human hybrids. Hidden dangers lurk far and wide. Your escape seems unlikely, but you refuse to give into the tyrannical plans of these despots.


-Amazing graphics
-Unique pixel worlds
-Intuitive touch controls
-Non-stop FPS action
-Endless battles
-Challenging enemies
-Three levels to explore and dominate:
-City Ruin
-4 Block Street
-Junk yard with featuring fenced office, barracks

NOTE: Block Gun Battlefield Termination is not associated with Minecraft, its skins or its characters.

Version: C10.1 (Update version)
Size: 43M
Required android: 2.3.3 and up
Price : Free
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