Cargo Helicopter Car Transport 1.0 Free Cheat for Android

Cargo Helicopter Car Transport v.1.0 Free Cheat for Android

The ultimate cargo helicopter game is here to take you on an adventure ride. Be the cargo manager on the helipad and transport cars and freight inside the helicopter. This car transport game will test your driving skills to the limit.

Precision driving is required on your part as the best cargo truck driver. Take on the role of a crane operator and load the freight into the helicopter.

Freight handling and transportation is a major job for the airport ground staff. You will be operating multiple heavy machinery in this one cargo transport simulator. Driven a transporter truck before? Have been a forklift crane operator? Now, also enjoy driving a heavy trailer.

This is a new chapter in car transportation games and will take you through the process of transporting luggage on a helipad. You have controlled gunship helicopters, now try loading this chopper plane and see it fly past the city skyline.

You start off as a cargo trucker delivering cars on the helipad. Drive your transporter truck loaded with the freight to the parking. Use a forklift crane to unload the luggage from the truck and shift it to the transporter trailer. Drive your vehicle to the chinook waiting on the airport hangar. The freight also contains scrap cars to be delivered to the junkyard. Drive expensive sports car inside the big chopper. Load the consignment in the aviator waiting to go airborne in this flight simulator.

* 10 challenging car transportation missions
* Drive a big transporter truck
* Thrill of forklift crane parking
* Huge trailer driving and parking included
*Smooth and easy controls of all vehicles

Version: 1.0 (Update version)
Size: 44M
Required android: 2.3.3 and up
Price : Free
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