Puppy Pop: Bubble shooter 1.0 Hack Apk for Android

Puppy Pop: Bubble shooter v.1.0 Free Cheat for Android

The world of poetic bubbles is an originally beautiful land for magic tales of funny and lovely pets, unfortunately they have got stuck in the bubbles. They are waiting for you to rescue now. Take the adventure with the puppies in order to save the pets in the game Puppy Pop: Bubble shooter

Playing method Puppy Pop: Bubble shooter
★Shooting same colored bubbles to explode them. The more and faster bubbles you shoot, the more money, gold you get
★Shooting bubbles cooping pets to rescue them
★You pass the level when you rescue all pets
★There are many supporting bubbles which help you to rescue pets such as: direction bubbles, wizard bubbles, mythological hammers, explosive bombs,…

In this game Puppy Pop: Bubble shooter you will be challenged with 2 different modes, each has 100 levels for you to discover freely:
★CLASSIC mode: There are limited bubbles to rescue your lovely pets, so you must be intelligent and thoughtful.
★STORY mode: The bubbles drift continuously, you must shoot quickly and exactly to break them and not let them touch the line. In this mode, time and speed is very important so you must strive. The pets will be sad when they are not rescued.

Game’s features Puppy Pop: Bubble shooter
★Charming images, fully attractive colour with so cute and cool animals
★Extremely beautiful bubble design with funny and interesting effects
★The easy and smooth game is compatible for all kinds of machines

You can play and show off your achievements with your friends on Facebook, partake with the journey to find out new lands, try to collect challengeable awards… Puppy Pop: Bubble shooter will bring enjoyment and endless inspiration for you. What are you waiting for? If you are a fan of any kinds of egg shoot games, you must join and enjoy now!

Version: 1.0 (Update version)
Size: 36M
Required android: 2.3 and up
Price : Free
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Entfliehen unheimlich Haus 1.1 Hack Apk for Android

Entfliehen unheimlich Haus v.1.1 Free Cheat for Android

Das Spiel ist voller Rätsel in eine gruselige Atmosphäre.
Können Sie diesen Ort zu entkommen, es wird nicht leicht sein, ich versichere Ihnen! Sind Sie bereit für die Herausforderung?
Ein süchtig machendes und beängstigend Abenteuer-Spiel! Wir hoffen, Sie werden es lieben!

– Schöne Grafik
– Rätsel lösen
– Finden, kombinieren und Artikel
– Finden Sie Lösungen

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/464410990376241/

Version: 1.1 (Update version)
Size: 46M
Required android: 2.3 and up
Price : Free
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– Unlock Keys
– Unlock All Levels
– Remove ADS which always ruin this game in all level
– No root required needed
– Anti Ban (When update to a newer version)
– Mod Update Daily for better performance
– Anti Fraud System
– Mod works in any Android Device

– A wood pile outside the door is added by a fingertip your inventory. You knock on the door, and a skeleton with glowing blue eyes opens you. To get through the door, you reach back to your ax and killst the skeleton for a second time. You are indoors. You’re adding your inventory a shovel and a scroll added. The next door is locked. This can only be opened with a key. In the scroll is recorded, where the key is to find.


– Take your scoop and do a reversal to the house. There on the yard you begin to burrow. With the discovered keys you open the second entryway. You gather an extra protests (weapon, keys, book). In the storm cellar is a zombie, this you take away a cartridge. With the cartridge you stack your firearm and killst the zombie a second time. Another entryway with a Math article is free. At that point you end up in a room with sprinkles of energetic shading. When you assemble an articles. You include the spots of shading the room (red, green, blue) and give the Combination on the sheltered at. This opens and two more keys are free. On the off chance that the directional bolts seem orange, the issue is explained.


– With your three gathered keys you go to the upper floor. There is another entryway with three locks secured. Be that as it may, just two keys match. With your Dietrich you open the entryway by the chimney to go to another room. There is a photo, behind this lies a further key covered up so as to open the entryway upstairs. On the other hand, you should first figure out the code number which shuts the vault. In the smokestack you do with scale, wood and stone (each independently put in the chimney, the rock to see even in the washroom) a flame. What’s more, as you bewilder your route way to entryway through the house to protect the little soul at last.

– At the beginning you get two free tips to solve the puzzles more tips you buy added as needed. If you like puzzles, it’s fun. However, the advertising annoying without end.Find this game ads without an ADS only in this site

Does Entfliehen unheimlich Haus Cheat work?

2568 Votes for Yes/ 21 For NO