Cube Gun 3d – Free Mine FPS D1 Free Cheat for Android

Cube Gun 3d – Free Mine FPS v.D1 Hack Apk for Android

Experience a true thrill when you play Cube Gun 3D – Mine FPS. A pure adrenaline rush greets you from the moment you enter this vast pixilated world, from the ticking tock counting down your opportunity to earn permanent perks to the extremely intelligent and strong enemies prowling each map. This is an epic experience you don't want to miss. If you are up for the challenge, download this intense first person shooter game and start tracking and killing enemies!


The apocalypse had come and gone. I hadn't seen any civilization for years. During these passing years, I began keeping a diary in order to stave off the madness that gnaws at me every day. Now, suddenly my mind is beginning to deteriorate and rapidly. Not sure why this is happening, and desperate for answers, I revisit the abandoned and deteriorated buildings of the town I've haunted for so many years. I needed a clue, somewhere to begin in my search for answers. If I gave up now, I was sentencing myself to death. Without my memory, survival was out of the questions. Instinct would only take me so far. After a thorough search, my efforts were fruitless. I would have to reexamine my approach. I couldn't travel to the next district. My memory was fading so fast, if I suffered one of my black outs, I might never return home and then I would certainly die in the wilds between. Turning the corner to the dilapidated old mansion I called home, I saw a flash of something from the corner of my vision. With a swiftness honed by my years in the army too many years ago to count, I tracked the shadow and the being it belonged to. I didn't kill it. I didn't even attack it. The being was different, not quite human if not eerily similar. No, I didn't kill it because it led to me its nest where they were discussing their experiments throughout the districts and how their test subjects were reacting to the radiation. I didn't attack, and not because they outnumbered me. I retreated home with renewed spirit. My memory seemed suddenly stronger. It would have to be. I would have to hold out, because while I might not have taken action today, it wouldn't be long before I did. If I was going to make the journey to the next district and reunite with the other "test subjects" like myself, I'd need my wits about me, and I knew exactly who claimed possession of them…


Track down your enemies through a mansion, chapel, asylum and glass biome in an amazing variety of levels that will challenge you with timers that give you the opportunity to earn a permanent weapon. Begin the game with the chance to earn endless sprint- a great advantage if you want to beat the preset clock and earn your permanent weapon. At the beginning of the game you will be asked to watch a brief video ad. If you agree to watch the clip, you will earn this perk and will proceed to the first level. Watching similar videos will also earn you ammo and lives during the game. Beware of your every move, the enemies in this world are much stronger than any others you've encountered. Run, reload, crouch, jump, select between weapons and more with simple touch screen controls that make the game super easy to play. Easy to play, yes, but difficult to master! Collect your weapons and advance with caution. You are in for a ride of extreme fights and intense confrontations.

Enemy mobs
Hidden melee and firearm weapons
Timer with bonus perks
Ultimate survival game play
Precision aiming
Hand-to-hand combat
Strategic game play
Entity map
Health meter
Simple touch pad controls

Version: D1 (Update version)
Size: 111M
Required android: 2.3.3 and up
Price : Free
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