IRON 7 ONE Golf Game FULL Varies with device for Android

IRON 7 ONE Golf Game FULL v.Varies with device Apk Download


THE IRON 7 COURSE & THE CHILLING COURSE are ready to tee off!

Thanks to all feedbackers, betatesters and buyers for supporting!

Note: I am a hobbyprogramer, so I can not test the program for every Android and Deviceconfigurations and make it waterproofed for all.Please bear with me if it did not run on your device.
(You can get a refund within 2 hours after purchasing at Google Play Store.)

Unfortunately I am not able to reply on any google crashreports without leaving your email inside.
So please feel free to send feedback per >>>E-Mail<<< if you had problems, ideas or wishes!

>>>Recommended Hardware<<<
1. This game needs a fast CPU / GPU to run at a good speed.
If you find the frame rate dropping below 20 fps it can make the swipe bar unresponsive.
To get more speed and precision reduce the graphic details in the settings.
2. recommended 1GB INTERNAL Ram

Known issues: In some few cases the game does not run after UPDATING ANDROID. Then please uninstall the game and install it again.

Take care about Slice and Hook. Read the green exactly for success.
Have fun and a nice game!

Hints for golfing newcomers:
– its hard to play and put
– use menu/settings to adjust difficulty
– use Custom-Swing first. Alternately use 3-Click Swing or the origional Easy-Swing !
– drag straight down on the swingpanel and then up for swinging (use straight drag to avoid slice or hook)
– use the Putter on the Green,Driver only on Tee, and Woods only on Tee or Fairway
– use the Sandwedge in Bunker
– use CHIP for flat short shots near the green
– avoid Rough (-33% ballspeed and ca. 50%-60% ballrange)
– if you are in water or Out, you get an penalty and have to rehit
– the biggest club is not always the best
– you can choose random flagpositions and wind 0-6bft to have more challenge

Play like a tiger, have fun and become a golf star ….

Version: Varies with device
Size: Varies with device
Required android: Varies with device
Price : $0.99
– From Google Playstore

– For Apk Mod Of IRON 7 ONE Golf Game FULL, Please Download Below:

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