Survival Hungry Games C10.1 Hack Apk for Android

Survival Hungry Games v.C10.1 Hack Apk for Android

Lose yourself in this immersive FPS pixel block experience. You'll get a mega dose of adrenaline when you play this exciting game that features a brilliant play style, totally updates and majorly addicting!


It is a story that has passed down through out families. It's been used to scare children into doing their chores and going to bed on time. It has been the stuff of legends, studied by the most esteemed minds. Only now, it's coming true. The prophesy has been fulfilled. The child has been born, and its imagination is so strong, it leaks into reality. We are all a victim, especially as now, the child's dreams have taken a drastic and dark turn. We're all doomed unless we can survive this fulfilled prophesy. Until we can find the child and end this nightmare. Until then, all we can do is fight the evil beings spilled fourth from the mind of this child. Until then… we must survive.

Survival Hungry Games is ready to wow you with an amazing challenging first person shooter experience. From the moment you enter this game, you'll face an extreme challenge to beat the clock, but first, you are offered the chance to earn a power-up to aid you in this quest. If you agree to watch the video and earn the power up, you'll gain an advantage in the fight for survival! As soon as you start the game, a preset timer will start counting down the time you have in order to earn the benefit of a permanent weapon. Gain this, and your powers of battle will greatly improve. Even if you don't beat the clock, you can still continue to advance through the levels, but without your perma perk. As you begin each level, mission style instructions will tell you the number of enemies you must eliminate in order to beat the level and move on to the next and much tougher map. Beware of the intelligent and strong enemies haunting each level. You'll be surprised at the amount of wallop they punch, so be prepared to hit fast and hard in order to survive! Battle it out hand-to-hand, fight strategically and crouch and jump, or be deadly in your pursuit with precision aiming. Fight bravely and win!

Top Game Features:
✔New game interface
✔User friendly touch screen control pads
✔Settings option
✔Tips screen while loading
✔Blocky weapon collect

Version: C10.1 (Update version)
Size: 45M
Required android: 2.3.3 and up
Price : Free
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